When I watch reality television I see the Raphael tapestries; I see a mythological tableau presented in the language of cocktail dresses and hair extensions. What is reality television but another attempt to represent human interaction? To study beauty, love, drama, and competition: to entertain and distract through drama? It is the Iliad and the Odyssey in high heels and contoured makeup.

In the Greek Myth of the judgment of Paris, three goddesses wait for a mortal to offer them an apple proclaiming the chosen goddess the most beautiful. On The Bachelor, women wait for roses delivered at overly dramatized “Rose Ceremonies” when a man makes the choice of who he wants to keep dating out of his pool of available women and sends the rest home. The rose is just a new manifestation of the apple. It is the same story over and over again. It is another symbol of acceptance and validation. The repetitive structure of each episode becomes a retelling of a Hero’s Journey: anew myth for a new era.

My work examines this retelling, this human drive to create idealized simulations to better understand the world around us. Using screenshots from The Bachelor as source material for my woven images, I explore reality television as a modern form of mythology. I weave screenshots like chapters in an odyssey and overlay digital patterns to create veiled goddesses out of reality television starlets.

Using natural dye processes, digital TC2 weaving technology, and American coverlet weaving patterns, I embed analog weaving traditions inside digital images and construct moments of tactile and material glitch. These moments highlight the breakdown of the simulation and expose the realities behind the mythologies: just as the gods and goddesses of mythologies past,these modern deities represent both an unobtainable ideal and the true realities and flaws of being human. 

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