Halos (Making her Mark)

Created as a part of the Baltimore Museum of Art's "Making her Mark" Exhibition as a demonstration of bobbin lace in progress. The bobbin lace portraits are sourced from a painting included in the historic exhibition as an exploration of tradition and modernity in bobbin lace. Taking the classical image of "Sappho Inspired by Love" by Angelica Kauffman and translating the portrait into bobbin lace, the image is pixelated and broken down into thousands of intricately crossed threads. The work becomes both analog and digital and explores this historical textile medium in a modern context.  


"After Angelica (Sappho Inspired by Love) [study]"  13"x4.5", Bobbin lace, cotton thread, two-toned tulle

"After Angelica (Sappho Inspired by Love) [Installation with Bobbins]" 21"x19," Bobbin lace, cotton thread, two-toned tulle

Installation images, "Making her Mark," Baltimore Museum of Art, September 2023 (credit: Baltimore Museum of Art) 

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